Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Little Firefighter is 3!!

2010-11-17 16-11-24_web

He loves Fire trucks, so we had a firefighter birthday. I got the idea for his cake from

All his brothers were excited for his birthday. I love it when they are nice to each other. Andrew and Matthew stayed up late and missed their reading time (which they LOVE) so they could help make his cake.  Matthew said, “I love Steven more than my books. I feel good making his cake for him.” Steven said he wanted a face on his Fire truck cake, so Andrew put one on for him.

David woke up early so he could make Steven Danish Pancakes (crepes) for breakfast.

2010-11-17 08-31-40_web

Matthew made him a paper dog hat.

2010-11-17 08-04-39_web

Andrew played Pop Up Pirate with him before and after school.

2010-11-17 08-22-59_web

Austin helped him put together his new fire truck puzzle.

2010-11-17 08-47-13_web

Steven loved his new trucks so much that he couldn’t stop playing to eat his favorite dinner (Easy Pasta Bake). He had a happy day.

2010-11-17 19-42-52_web

I took his Birthday portraits today at the fire station.

2010-11-18 10-33-12rse_web

2010-11-18 10-37-00re_web

2010-11-18 10-37-38re_web

2010-11-18 10-40-30 (2)re_web

2010-11-18 10-53-44rse_web

I can’t believe he’s already 3!!


Beth said...

Wow Jacki.... your baby is getting old! :-)

He's such a sweetie!

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your birthday pictures! What a great idea to take them at the fire station... gorgeous color! You are an amazing photographer!

(Cute cake too!)

Rob said...

Great pictures of a very cute boy. Most impressive!

Deb said...

Wow! Those are great photos. I love the ones of him with the firetruck!

wacki jacki said...

Hey Jacki we've got the same name but I've got 2 daughters & 2 grandaughters. We live in Queensland, Australia & I have a new website