Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Little Firefighter is 3!!

2010-11-17 16-11-24_web

He loves Fire trucks, so we had a firefighter birthday. I got the idea for his cake from

All his brothers were excited for his birthday. I love it when they are nice to each other. Andrew and Matthew stayed up late and missed their reading time (which they LOVE) so they could help make his cake.  Matthew said, “I love Steven more than my books. I feel good making his cake for him.” Steven said he wanted a face on his Fire truck cake, so Andrew put one on for him.

David woke up early so he could make Steven Danish Pancakes (crepes) for breakfast.

2010-11-17 08-31-40_web

Matthew made him a paper dog hat.

2010-11-17 08-04-39_web

Andrew played Pop Up Pirate with him before and after school.

2010-11-17 08-22-59_web

Austin helped him put together his new fire truck puzzle.

2010-11-17 08-47-13_web

Steven loved his new trucks so much that he couldn’t stop playing to eat his favorite dinner (Easy Pasta Bake). He had a happy day.

2010-11-17 19-42-52_web

I took his Birthday portraits today at the fire station.

2010-11-18 10-33-12rse_web

2010-11-18 10-37-00re_web

2010-11-18 10-37-38re_web

2010-11-18 10-40-30 (2)re_web

2010-11-18 10-53-44rse_web

I can’t believe he’s already 3!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blog Hop Freebies!

It’s the Jessica Sprague Certified Digital Designer Blog Hop Day!


Here are the previews that include just SOME of the papers and elements you can collect if you go to all the blog sites.



Here are my freebies:


3 Distressed patterned papers, 4 tags, 2 swirls, photo corners, and 3 border strips.

CTreasures BB pages Preview

Christmas Treasures BB page 1 Christmas Treasures BB page 2

2 Brag book pages made by my friend Beth for me, using my blog hop freebie.    Click on the 2 Previews to download.**New Download Links** Enjoy!

Check out my designs you can buy. They are only available for               1 week! More info in my previous post. ***They are no longer available on my blog. Thank You***

Musical Melodies kit $2 JackiA-MusicalMelodies_Preview 

You Are A Star Photoshop template $1


Thanks for stopping by. I am the 29th blog stop out of 47!! If you missed some- start at Lisa’s blog:

Your next stop is Erica. She has an awesome blog with Homeschooling and Preschool ideas as well as her awesome designs:

Have a Merry Christmas!

***The Blog Hop is over- Thanks for participating!***

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Digital Scrapbooking Supplies For Sale!!!

Tomorrow is the Big Jessica Sprague Certified Digital Designers Blog Hop! There are almost 50 blogs on the Hop- so make sure to come back tomorrow!

Today I wanted to tell you about my supplies for sale!! You can buy them from the links on the right of my blog- it will take you directly to Paypal. ***They are no longer available on my blog. Thank You***

Musical Melodies $2.00


This kit includes 17 highly distressed 12X12 papers and 13 elements including tags, photo corners, a border, and journal spots all in a classic brown and cream color scheme.

My awesome Digi Scrapbooking friend, Beth made a page using my kit. I am always impressed with her style and the cool digital effects she can do! Her daughter is so talented and every year they have recorded her playing her favorite piano songs- what a fabulous idea!

Musical Melodies Page Small

All the supplies used to make this page came from My Musical Melodies kit (except for the string and staples which Beth made.)

You’re A  Star Photoshop Template $1.00


This template is a two-page 12X12 fully-layered .psd file. It is ready for you to clip up to 28 photos in!!

This template was perfect for me to use to create a page of my extended family’s talent show. I think it would also be great for a sports page or highlighting the many different interests of your child.


(Papers and swirl elements made by Beth)

I am only selling these supplies for 1WEEK- so if you want them, don’t wait!

See you tomorrow for the Blog Hop!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Jessica Sprague Certified Digital Designers Blog Hop!!

I was intrigued about Digital Scrapbooking because of my friend Beth. She was a digital designer and creates amazing things. I have loved paper scrapbooking for over 15 years, so I thought I would never love sitting at the computer to scrapbook, but never say never! I took a digital scrapbook class at Jessica Sprague and was hooked! I have taken just about every Jessica Sprague class since. Recently I took her class that taught how to Design your own supplies. Now I am a Jessica Sprague Certified Digital Designer!


Some of us from class are participating in a blog hop. Yea! Freebies!


It begins on a week from Thursday!!

BTW- Jessica Sprague has a free class on her home page so you can see how to start digi scrapbooking. She also has a mini class every Friday for only $1.00 that includes everything you need (template, papers,  supplies and a video to see how to do it) for one page. These are her Photoshop Friday classes. Here’s my page from Photoshop Friday #1

2010-04-11 Steven Scooby Doo

Happy scrapbooking!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Swim Lessons

Andrew, Matthew, and David loved swim lessons this summer. I was worried that swimming everyday (rather than 2 times a week in the winter)  would be too much, but they loved it. 2010-08-12 10-24-51r_web

Andrew now knows all the stokes and swims laps.

2010-08-12 09-43-47 (2)r_web

Matthew can too, but he prefers cannon balls…

2010-08-13 09-53-15r_web

Everyone loves the last day when they get to dive off the diving boards and go down the water slides.

2010-08-13 09-27-14 (2)r_web

Austin begged me to take lessons and he looked forward to them everyday. He loved when he was allowed to splash his teacher and dump water on his head, but he refused to put his head in the water.

2010-08-12 09-57-02r_web

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kool Aid, anyone?

2010-08-16 13-21-13

David always begs to do a Kool-Aid stand. I tell him to wait for a hot day (he asks even in the winter when its raining). So, he watched for a hot day on the Wii weather channel.

His brother was his first customer, but he did sell 7 other glasses.

Monday, August 30, 2010

The not so quiet, Quiet Time

Everyday we have a 1 hour quiet time after lunch. Everyone goes to their room and reads (supposedly) while my youngest sleeps and I have some alone time too. This time I heard loud sounds coming from Austin’s room. I had to go join the fun (and tell him to be a little quieter since Steven sleeps in the room next to him).

2010-08-26 12-02-05rc

He had all his knights lined up on his window sill. He made a different voice for each one of them as they battled.  I love watching this little boy play!